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Six Month Smiles

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a quick and effective way of orthodontic treatment that offers shorter treatment time compared to traditional orthodontic treatments. Traditional treatments used to last anywhere from 18-30 months whereas Six Month Smiles treatment will last for only 6-12 months.

What Makes Six Month Smiles so Revolutionary?

This treatment offers individualized steps that are pre-determined, which makes the appointment very fast and comfortable with impressive results.

Is Six Month Smiles Suitable for Everyone?

Usually, Six Month Smiles is suitable for most people, though there are some patients who require some additional treatments that aren’t possible with the Six Month Smile system. The best way to figure out whether you’re a viable candidate for Six Month Smiles is to schedule a free consultation with your dentist.

Is the Six Month Smiles Treatment Painful?

The movement of the teeth will make you feel slight discomfort, but it uses minimum force to move the teeth gently and relatively painlessly.

Will Six Month Smiles Have any Side Effects?

No, there's no side effect unless the patients aren’t careful with their oral hygiene and maintain their scheduled visits.

How Much Does Six Month Smiles Cost?

The cost for Six Month Smile varies according to the specific treatment and its location. It is less expensive as compared to traditional braces.

How Does it Work & How Many Appointments Does a Patient Need?

The treatment process and appointment varies from person to person. It totally depends on each individual's needs and condition.

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