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Dental Titanium Implants Des Moines

Dental implants are made from titanium, which, through extensive research, has shown to have the best bio-compatibility. This means that it is the material that is most likely to succeed in the bone in the human mouth. The bone is very likely to accept the implant, allowing it to stay within the bone and become extremely solid and strong.

In order for the dental titanium implant to stay in place, a process called osseointegration occurs, which allows some time for the bone and the titanium to actually fuse together to make a very solid platform for the implant. The implant has a 99% chance of staying within the bone long term. The implant will function and feel very much like a natural tooth, and many of Plaza Dental's patients tell their dentists how fantastic they feel!

How do you deal with implants when there is bone loss?

If there is bone loss before the dental titanium implants are placed, then Plaza Dental will take into consideration existing bone loss, as this will determine the likelihood that the implant is going to be successful. The dentists take this into consideration when they decide if an implant is warranted for a situation. They will still work if a patient has dental bone loss--they will oftentimes create a custom-made dental implant that is shorter and wider if they are dealing with a patient that has extensive bone loss. Bone grafts can also be an option in some cases. Patients with existing bone loss can still consider a dental implant.

The placement of an implant can help stop bone loss where the missing tooth was. While the dental implant will not be as prone to gum disease, it is still very important to maintain preventative and hygiene visits to protect your remaining teeth and your implant investment.

Individuals who are considering dental titanium implants or dental bone loss treatment can call the dentists at Plaza Dental in West Des Moines, Iowa today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out what can be done to address their current dental situation!

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