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Emergency Dental Services in West Des Moines

There is never a right time to sustain a dental emergency. A dental emergency can include injuries from sporting activities or other accidents that may affect your jaw or teeth in the form of a toothache, chipped tooth, or tooth loss etc. When a dental emergency takes place, the faster you access an emergency dentist near you, the higher the possibility of saving your tooth through emergency dental care.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

An emergency would be an issue needing immediate attention for due to pain or injury.

You might require emergency dental care if you suffer from any of these conditions:

Lost Temporary Crown

Fortunately, losing a temporary crown is not a dental emergency. We primarily use them as space holders until the permanent restorations are ready. Even in the span of 2 weeks, the adjacent teeth can start to shift into the area created during the crown preparation. A temporary crown maintains space for the permanent crown, along with providing some chewing function and protection for the underlying tooth. If you lose a temporary crown, call our office and we will see you as soon as possible (typically the same afternoon/ following day). Remaking or recementing a temporary crown only takes about 20 minutes and usually does not require any anesthetic. Your teeth will not move significantly in the one to two days between losing your crown and having it replaced at our office. If it happens over the weekend and you are having excessive discomfort you can place the temporary crown back on the tooth with toothpaste or by purchasing temporary cement from your local pharmacy. We will then see you our next office day.

Toothache Relief

If you experience tooth pain or discomfort, see your dentist in West Des Moines as soon as possible. This can be a sign of a larger issue that needs urgent attention. If this occurs after hours pain can generally be managed by alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen. (Please only take medications that you know you are able to take).

Swollen Jaw Relief

A swollen jaw can be caused by a range of issues, from trauma to infection, and can require an emergency dentist visit in Des Moines, Iowa. Avoid excess stress on the jaw from chewing gum or hard foods. Moist heat applied to the outside of the cheek, near the jaw joint, can also alleviate pain. If you are able to, taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication can also be beneficial.

Lost Filling and Crown Repair

When you lose a filling or crown that covers a tooth, it can be quite a painful experience. Our emergency dental care is here to help alleviate the underlying issue. If you lose a filling or crown, or it becomes loose, call our dental office in Des Moines to schedule the earliest possible appointment. If this occurs after hours a temporary fix is available. Most Wal-Mart or Walgreens locations sell temporary cement and temporary filling material. This is a great option to get you through the weekends and evenings.

Abscess or Infection

When you develop unexpected infections, it can lead to pain and loss of sleep. Our goal is to always help our patients maintain their oral health. If you notice swelling or pimples on your gums you should contact your dental office immediately. If this is an after-hours emergency you may need to consider seeking care at an ER. Infection is not something you want to ignore.

Dental Repair

Accidents happen, and sometimes they affect our teeth. If a tooth is broken, chipped, becomes loose, or is knocked out, our team is here to help!

If there is bleeding apply pressure to the area with a clean towel or gauze. Remember mouth injuries typically produce more blood, so don't panic. If the injury extends to the lips or cheeks and may require stitches, seeking care at the ER is a good idea. It is often necessary to have an x-ray to check the health of the tooth, and this may require follow up at a later date.

For any other medical or dental emergencies, call 911 immediately to find the care you need. Please remember this information is generalized. Do not take any medications in excess or if you know you have allergies to them.

Why Choose Us?

Knowing where to proceed with emergency dental treatment is crucial. At Plaza Dental Group, you can trust our Wes Des Moines emergency dentists to provide the best emergency dental care to you in the most comfortable environment. Our emergency dental care incorporates convenient timings, serve walk-in patients, and offers same-day emergency dental treatment whenever possible. We extend multiple payment options and provide the most affordable dental care to our patients.

If a dental emergency is neglected, it can result in permanent damage and severe dental health problems. When you are uncertain about an emergency, contact us at (515) 612-7148 right away for a suggestion on whether emergency dental treatment is required.