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What is Teeth Tomorrow®?

If you are suffering from missing or badly damaged teeth, experience the comfort and confidence of Teeth Tomorrow®. Teeth Tomorrow® is a revolutionary teeth replacement solution that delivers permanent outcomes by using dental implants and Prettau® Zirconia restoration.

How Does Teeth Tomorrow® Work?

Teeth Tomorrow® is a long-lasting and natural-looking solution that replaces lost teeth and eliminates related oral problems. Our skilled oral implantologist will accurately place a few dental implant posts in the jawbone. Then, a Prettau® Zirconia bridge will be attached to the top of the posts to reinstate the appearance of a complete arch of natural, wholesome teeth. Every step of the procedure is uniquely designed to suit your needs.

What Benefits Does Teeth Tomorrow® Offer?

The advanced Teeth Tomorrow® restorative dentistry technique offers several advantages:

  • Convenience - Get an implant-backed restoration straight after your implant surgery so that you can enjoy a strong, functional bite throughout your recovery.
  • Reliability - Prettau® Zirconia is an extremely durable, advanced porcelain that is resistant to cracking, chipping, or wearing down over time.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics - Prettau® Zirconia gives a very natural-looking appearance and offers shine and translucence that closely resembles original teeth.
  • Improved Oral Health - Posts supporting Teeth Tomorrow®™ serve as dental root replacements to prevent jawbone recession by encouraging tissue growth for a stronger jawbone.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - It is a one-time investment, compared to the lifetime charges of replacing numerous teeth several times with less dependable restorations.

Unparalleled Results

When it comes to your wholesome and attractive smile that reflects your quality of life, there is no point in settling for a fragile or unattractive denture.

Plaza Dental Group is honored to be the exclusive provider of Teeth Tomorrow®-- the life-changing remedy to missing and failing teeth. The Teeth Tomorrow® process requires a high level of expertise for lasting results. Our dentists are fully trained in this innovative implant method to deliver long-term and natural-looking solutions through safe and accurate treatment.

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FAQs on Teeth Tomorrow®

How many appointments are required?

After your initial consultation, not more than four further appointments may be needed for the Teeth Tomorrow® treatment process.

Do I have to visit different dental offices for the Teeth Tomorrow® process?

Your entire Teeth Tomorrow® appointments will usually be performed in the one dental office.

How frequently is bone-grafting needed to support the dental implants?

The Teeth Tomorrow® system nearly removes the requirement for bone-grafting in most patients, but, it may be necessary for patients with severe bone-loss in their jaws.

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