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Teeth Whitening Dentistry

For a quick, easy, and affordable way to rejuvenate a dull, discolored smile, teeth whitening is unsurpassed. From an in-office whitening treatment to a custom crafted professional bleaching kit which you can use in the convenience of your home, Dr. Mohan of Des Moines' Plaza Dental Group offers a variety of ways to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile today!

Plaza Dental Group in Des Moines offers teeth whitening solutions for most patients. However, teeth whitening is not recommended for everyone. Some individuals are better candidates for teeth whitening dentistry than others, so it is essential that patients call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohan to determine their eligibility for this cosmetic treatment.

The best candidates for teeth whitening are those that have realistic expectations and are unhappy with the color or whiteness of their teeth. They should not have any restorations on their natural teeth, such as crowns, veneers, or bridges. This is because teeth whitening solutions and bleaches will not affect restorations, causing them to stand out and look different than the rest of your teeth after whitening has been completed. Additionally, any patient that already suffers from extremely sensitive teeth may not want to undergo teeth whitening, as a common short-term side effect of the procedure may be increased sensitivity to hot and cold. Patients with gum disease or periodontal disease should undergo proper treatment to regain their oral health before considering teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening dentistry can be done on patients of any age, whether you're a teenager or in your "golden years." Many patients enjoy the many benefits of teeth whitening, and love that it is a fast and affordable way to make their smile look bright and amazing. If you have been considering teeth whitening treatments, call Dr. Mohan of Plaza Dental Group in Des Moines and schedule a consultation and initial examination today.

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